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Meet the owner

Randy Walters, Dual Artist, Gospel Vocalist, Producer (composer) as well as Fine Artist and CEO of Soulful Sip & Paint, which specializes in Original Fine Art Paintings/Prints, Portraits, Custom Framing & Mural designs.  Walters work has been displayed in a variety of galleries and venues. His clientele include well-known athletes and entertainers as well as art lovers of every walk of life.   Walters artistry goes well beyond the realm of canvas, it also reaches listeners of anointed gospel music. Randy's first CD debuted in 2010 called "Lord I'm Ready" and he is currently preparing for the debut of his second CD "God Deserves More".

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Randy uses his God given gifts to give back to the community, one of his programs "Reaching Back", is a male mentoring program designed to assist young men. He also began a Summer Arts Camp program with his wife called ArtRageous Performing Arts which teaches young kids fine art, music, dance, marching band, step team, drum line and all forms of the arts and has recently expanded to the ArtRageous Performing Arts Center in Howard County. Randy is an aspiring artist in every sense of the word, who lives to express his interpretation of life through his gifts and talents to bless and inspire others.